Saskatchewan Community Pastures video

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Here is a short video that I prepared for the Public Pastures – Public Interest group, a citizen-based organization devoted to maintaining Saskatchewan’s public grasslands as healthy prairie ecosystems and working landscapes. The idea was to raise awareness about the plight of former PFRA community pastures that will no longer be manged through the 70-year old Community Pasture Program, and transferred from federal control to the prairie provinces.

The Saskatchewan government is not interested in managing these large  tracts of native prairie and plans to sell or lase the land. The PFRA pastures, more than one and a half million acres of public land in Saskatchewan, are some of the largest remnants of native prairie and sustainably grazed pasture in Canada. Learn more about the issue in the post that I wrote in April, A Vision for the Future of PFRA community pastures.



Saskatchewan photographer Hamilton Greenwood provided the deer image and Dave Cyca generously allowed us to use his song “Hang my Hat” to supplement the visuals.