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My photographic and volunteer work is dedicated to the protection of natural environments. A biologist by training, I have presented numerous lectures spanning natural history and photography. The audiences include members of nature and photography clubs in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan, as well as local chapters of the Sierra Club, and National Audubon Society in the USA. I am an energetic and knowledgeable speaker, and have frequently been invited to give presentations at various conferences and meetings. Presented with carefully selected photographs, personal insight, and captivating story line, your guests will be quickly immersed in a fascinating virtual journey.

“Thank you so much once again for coming to present on the grasslands. It was both eye-opening as well as visually breathtaking. I believe you inspired my next Saskatchewan adventure.”
                                                                                                                                             Adrianna, Saskatoon

Upcoming public presentations:

  • Tuesday, November 24, 2020 – presentation for the Saskatchewan Environmental Society (Sustainability Speaker Series) – “Action for climate: supporting natural ecosystems”. Due to COVID-19 restrictions for indoor gatherings, this is an on-line presentation. Details TBA. Open to the public.Nature-based systems such as forests, wetlands and grasslands support biodiversity and can offer effective, large-scale solutions to the challenges brought on by a changing climate. Dr. Branimir Gjetvaj offers insights into ways to increase resilience of natural ecosystems to climate change, and how human-altered landscapes can be better managed for carbon emission mitigation, biodiversity conservation and sustainable resource use.


Islands of Grass book launch in Sasktoon, Sask.

From the Islands of Grass book launch in Saskatoon


If you are looking for a speaker for your public or private event, contact me to discuss the most appropriate subject from a wide selection of illustrated shows on a photography, adventure travel, or nature conservation topics.

red pointer - important information I also lead photography workshops and international photo tours.


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