The Fifth Estate documentary: “Silence of the Labs”

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This Friday, January 10th at 9 p.m. EST CBC investigative show The Fifth Estate will be airing an interesting documentary titled “Silence of the Labs”. The show deals with the dire situation of public science in Canada, and how current policies of the Canadian Government toward science and scientific research impacts all Canadians. The federal government has cut funding or closed hundreds of research institutes and programs, especially focusing on the programs dealing with the environmental and climate change issues. More than 2,000 federal scientists and researchers have been fired over the last few years and there has been a massive move to dismantle and eliminate scientific libraries (read more about it in this Huffington Post article.

The foundations of Canadian science have been undermined through cuts to programs and departments, political intervention into research, and through direct or indirect muzzling of scientists that work in federal research institutes.

Decision-making and development of policies based on evidence and scientific research has taken a secondary role, undermining regulations and programs that defend the public interest and support social and economic progress.

So, tune into the Fifth Estate airing tomorrow evening and check out this galvanizing show. You can find information about air times at:

Update: the link posted above will lead to a page with short video clips from the show and show synopsis. if you missed the episode, you can watch it here:

Here are some of the comments from the viewers:

“One of the most important, and disturbing, editions of the Fifth Estate ever produced.”


“I feel sickened beyond description, but I don’t regret watching. Congratulations on what is, in my opinion (and I have been tuning in for a very long time), quite probably your best and most important episode ever…”


“Thank-you Fifth Estate….thank-you for such a well presented and honest sobering look at a problem that we all need to be made aware of. I agree with others… of the most important editions I have watched, and thankful to have watched it.”