About Branimir Gjetvaj

Hello. Thank you for visiting my home at branimiphoto.ca where I have been sharing the beauty of nature since 1996.

I am a biologist, photography instructor and internationally published environmental photographer based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. My passion is outdoor and nature photography, and my specialty is western Canadian landscapes. My images have appeared in magazines, calendars, book covers, corporate reports and web sites. I lead photography workshops and international photo tours, and present lectures on photography, natural history and conservation biology topics. One of my photography projects culminated in the award-winning book The Great Sand Hills: A Prairie Oasis. Together with Saskatchewan author and naturalist Trevor Herriot, I recently released the Islands of Grass, a passionate and beautifully illustrated call to protect the remaining fragments of natural grasslands on the northern Great Plains.

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Zagreb (Croatia) and working for a few years at the Croatian Museum of Natural History as the Assistant Curator for Ornithology, I moved to Canada in 1987.  I obtained a Master’s degree in genetics from Dalhousie University in Halifax N.S., and a Ph.D. in genetics from Queen’s University in Kingston Ont. In the spring of 2017 I completed the Master of Sustainable Environmental Management program with the School of Environment and Sustainability (University of Saskatchewan).


Branimir Gjetvaj, a Saskatchewan-based environmental photographer specializing in landscape, nature and travel photography


I am trying to combine my formal education in ecology and genetics with my interest in photography, and use those skills as a vehicle to promote the appreciation and protection of natural environments and cultural legacies. I frequently contribute my photographic skills to local conservation organizations and groups involved in environmental education. I have served volunteer positions on the Board of Directors of several key environmental non-government organizations and natural history societies in Saskatchewan and Alberta. From 2016 – 2018 I served as the President of Nature Saskatchewan, a member-based provincial organization that promotes the appreciation and understanding of our natural environment through education, conservation and research. In 2014 I was appointed to to represent Nature Saskatchewan at the University of Saskatchewan Senate.

In 2013 I received the Michelle’s Prize from the Canadian Environmental Law Association, and administered through the University of Saskatchewan. The award committee took note of my extensive involvement with several environmental NGOs and the fact that I use my photographic skills to advance environmental conservation.

Please visit images.branimirphoto.ca to view my photography portfolio.


Portrait photo by Steve Hiscock.

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