Nature in the City – Saskatoons are in bloom this week

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Saskatoon trees are in bloom this week. The name of this tree (well, more of a shrub) derives from the Cree noun ‘misâskwatômina’. The city of Saskatoon is named after the berry. Have you ever tried the Saskatoon berry pie? Delicious.


Saskatoon tree in bloom


I took a few images you see here as part of the NatureCity Festival that starts today. Over 40 organizations are taking part in setting up nature-related events. The NatureCity Festival is one week of free family fun that takes place in neighbourhoods across the city of Saskatoon. It is the inaugural event of Wild about Saskatoon, a group of nature lovers who aim to connect nature and culture in the city of Saskatoon.

The willow tree was photographed at the University of Saskatchewan campus. I love the stiking contrast of bright green leaves that emerge at this time of the year, against the clear blue sky.  The cloud came as a bonus. My favourite tree is one in front of the Kirk Hall – it has a perfectly round dome.


Willow tree and a cloud against clear blue sky


The Great Horned Own on nest was photographed at a friend’s place near Pike Lake. He set up a solid metal box that serves as an artificial nest. A pair of owls had been using it continuously over the last few years.


Great Horned owl on nest

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