Photography field trip to Cranberry Flats Conservation Area

Posted by on 21. October 2012 in Blog / Journal, Workshops | Comments Off on Photography field trip to Cranberry Flats Conservation Area

Last week I led an outdoor photography field trip for members of the Saskatoon Nature Society. We had a very good turnout – 17 people showed up. The weather was great; blue skies with interesting clouds greeted us upon arrival, with a bit of cloud cover later on in the evening. Although we did not get a spectacular sunset, a soft light from overcast skies allowed us to focus on details in nature. I took the group down to the banks of South Saskatchewan River to work in the area with a lot of interesting patterns created by water erosion of sandy beaches.

A few ravens kept us company throughout the afternoon and I found and photographed a sand bank that resembled the inquisitive birds. Right after the sunset, several hundred sandhill cranes landed on one of the sand banks in the middle of the river. Their distinctive and loud calls filled out the air.  A great ending to a pleasant, and photographically successful day. Here are a few images from this field trip.