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Last month was quite busy and productive. Several magazine articles with my images appeared in print. I was also interviewed for the Regina Leader Post and a few of my images were published in the paper. One image was used on a front page as a lead to the article. How cool is that?

Regina Leader Post (March 27, 2014) with one of my images on the cover

Regina Leader Post (March 27, 2014) with one of my images on the cover

The first article appeared in the Fine Lifestyles Magazine, Southwest edition (Spring 2014). Written by Rebecca Schneidereit, the article titled “The Magnificent Grasslands, Inspiring Art and Conservation” talks about the beauty of prairie landscapes that draws artists to the Grasslands National Park. It also addressed current grassland conservation issues and mentioned the “Prairie Passage Tour” – a visit by the iconic Canadian authors Margaret Atwood and Graeme Gibson who helped raise awareness about the need to protect the last remaining tracts of native prairie in Canada. I was part of the tour and helped with documenting the event. The opening spread featured a sunset shot from the 70 Mile Butte in West Block, just south of Val Marie. A few smaller spreads were used throughout the article.

FineLifestyles SW edition - article about the Grasslands National Park

FineLifestyles Southwest edition (Spring 2014) – article on the Grasslands National Park

You can access the digital edition from here (the article starts on page 24).

If you are interested in exploring and photographing in one of the most spectacular landscapes of Western Canada, I will be leading a photography tour to Grasslands National Park from June 20 – June 22, 2014.

The second recent article with my images appeared in the Spring 2014 issue of Prairies North magazine. Dr. Emily Eaton wrote about the uncertain future of Saskatchewan`s PFRA community pastures in “Who Will Steward This Land Now?” You can get a preview of the article by following the link.

Uncertain future of Saskatchewan's PFRA community pastures - Prairies North Spring 2014

Uncertain future of Saskatchewan’s PFRA community pastures – Prairies North magazine, Spring 2014

I have prepared a gallery of images from the PFRA community pastures. You can see it in the Photo Library section. This is a work in progress, and I am continuously adding new images to the photo archives.

At the end of March I gave a public presentation at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Regina on “Saskatchewan Grasslands – a Vanishing Landscape?”. The talk was very well attended; over 180 people showed up.  Natascia Lypny, a journalist with the Leader Post did an interview with me and Trevor Herriot. Trevor is a well known Saskatchewan author and co-director of Public Pastures – Public Interest, a prairie conservation group. The article was well written, and I would  highly recommend it.

You can read the initial article published in Leader Post titled “Prairie grasslands – photographs capture disappearing landscape“. A slightly modified version was subsequently published in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix,  “Grasslands – photos capture and endangered landscape“.

Saskatoon Star Phoenix article: Photos capture endangered landscape

Saskatoon Star Phoenix (March 31, 2014): Photos capture endangered landscape

Here is a quote from the interview that links my photography and conservation work:

“My goal is, as a photographer, as a visual artist, to show people what we have. And (then in my talk) show what are the threats and what could happen to those lands if we do not tread smartly.”


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