Nature photography with smartphones

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Mark your calendars – I will lead a nature photography walk to Donna L. Birkmaier Park during the 2017 NatureCity Festival in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Learn how to use your smartphone to capture beautiful nature and landscape images you will be proud to share with your friends and family.

Date: Friday, May 26, 2017

Time: 7 – 8:30 p.m.

Natural landscape captured along the South Saskatchewan river

Natural landscape captured along the South Saskatchewan River

NatureCity Festival is a week-long festival featuring more than fifty nature-inspired events to help you discover, explore and experience nature in Saskatoon. We want to show you the wild side of our city; exercise your creative side and strengthen your understanding and appreciation for urban nature.

People in the know claim that the best camera is one you carry with you all the time. With ubiquity of smartphones with cameras of ever-increasing quality, everyone has a potential to create artistic masterpieces. Nevertheless, rules of photography still apply. We will review images that you take along the trail and I will suggest possible improvements. Of course, if any improvements need to be made.

Prairie crocus in bloom.

Prairie crocus in bloom. Photographed with my smartphone.

What to bring: any type of a cell phone with a built-in camera, a snack, drinking water, insect repellent and a wind-proof jacket. We will be walking on rough terrain; please bring shoes with adequate ankle support, and you do not mind if they get slightly muddy (the best pictures are found off the beaten path). Event will be cancelled in case of heavy rain. There is no cost to participate.

Location: Donna L. Birkmaier Park in Saskatoon. This is a naturalized park with ponds and wetlands rich in native species of trees, shrubs, flowers and all kinds of wildlife. More information about interesting thinks to see in the park, check out the publication by Saskatoon Nature Society “Nature viewing sites in and around Saskatoon

We will meet at the parking lot west of the ponds, near the intersection of Taylor Street East and Slimmon Road.

Map to Donna L. Birkmaier Park

Map to Donna Birkmaier Park (from the ‘Nature viewing sites in and around Saskatoon’)

How to get there? Drive east on Taylor Street East. After crossing the intersection with Boychuk Drive and Herold / Briarwale Road, take the next left (opposite Slimmon Road) and park in designated area. The closest public transit bus stop is on Pawlychenko Lane, near the intersection with Slimmon Road. From there, walk 200 m north of Slimmon Road and cross Taylor Street East to the trail entrance.

Location coordinates: 52° 06′ 10.6″ N, 106° 33′ 26.0″ W

Full event schedule for the 2017 NatureCity Festival is listed at

Marsh in Donna L. Birkmaier Park

Marsh in Donna L. Birkmaier Park. Photographed with my smartphone.


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