On holidays in Croatia

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The web site has been neglected for a while as I was on holidays in Croatia, visiting my family. It was a very peaceful holiday, without too many activities. I had to recharge the batteries after a few busy months. And the school year will be starting again soon.

I made a mistake of going to Europe in August. Last few years have been extremely hot, and 2012 was no exception. Air temperature the day I arrived in Zagreb was 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). That is very hot for a person used to gentle 25 C – 30 C summers.

Needless to stay, I did not venture out of the house too often. Short trips for daily chores early in the morning, visiting friends in late afternoon or evening. I spent a lot of time with a good book in a shade. I did bring my camera with me and ventured out one morning to photograph my hometown. Just to be able to say that I did some photography. Close to the end of the holidays I went kayaking on river Kupa in the mountain region close to the border with neighbouring Slovenia.

Below are some of the images taken while wandering through sun-scorched streets of Zagreb. More travel and landscape images of Croatia are posted in the stock photo library archive.

Electric tramway on Jurisiceva street in downtown Zagreb

Electric tramway on Jurisiceva street in downtown Zagreb


Street cafe in downtown Zagreb (Jurisiceva Street)

Street cafe on Jurisiceva Street, downtown Zagreb


Children playing around Mandusevac water fountain on Jelacic Square, Zagreb

At the Mandusevac water fountain, Trg Bana Jelacica (Jelacic Square) in downtown Zagreb


Water fountain at the Nikola Subic Zrinjski Square, Zagreb

Water fountain at the Nikola Subic Zrinjski Square


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  1. Branimir

    I love the shot of the street cafe. It has a timeless quality about it, and one I’ll bet Alan would find as well.

    All of the images have that all important ‘thereness’ factor which draws me into the images, almost as if I was the one behind the camera. The images make me want to be there, except that in those temperatures, I’d wither in an instant.

    As always, thank you for sharing.


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