Maymont – a new Nature Conservancy property in Saskatchewan

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Last Sunday I joined members of the Saskatoon Nature Society on a field trip to one of the newest protected areas managed by the Nature Conservancy of Canada. We visited the Maymont property, which includes several sections of land along 5.5 km of riverbank on the south side of North Saskatchewan River near Maymont bridge. NCC secured the land over the last few years, with several large sections being purchased this spring. Currently, the organization manages approximately 3,500 acres of diverse plant communities of native grasslands, aspen parkland, heavily wooded area along the river bank, and a small wetland.

Members of the Saskatoon Nature Society at Maymont tield trip

We were taking part in the NCC Conservation Volunteer program, helping make an inventory of plants and animals on the property. The day before, members of the Native Plant Society did an inventory of plants in the same area. NCC runs the program throughout Saskatchewan and it is a great way to get outdoors, learn something new about nature from experts lading the trips (no previous experience is required), and contribute to a worthy cause.

The Maymont property is a great place. I have visited it before, working on a project to photograph the NCC properties in Saskatchewan (see a gallery of images on the “old” web site. Here is one image from last September:

Lichen-covered rock and Harvest Moon, Maymont 1 (Nature Conservancy of Canada property), Saskatchewan, Canada. The nearly full Harvest Moon will appear low in the south-eastern sky for several nights in September. Additional light provided by the bright moon enables farmers to extend their workday during critical time of the fall harvest. (Branimir Gjetvaj)

There area spectacular views over the North Saskatchewan River valley from the north edge of the property. Native grasslands at Maymont property are in good shape, especially with the wet spring and summer we have had this year. Prairie wildflowers were in bloom everywhere and I was amazed with the richness and diversity of plant life. We saw a lot of butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies and mushrooms. We saw a Northern Goshawk, Bald Eagle circling over the river, Veery and an American Redstart. And a few other interesting bird species. Below are a few images from the trip. An added bonus for me was a small herd of longhorn cattle that ran through the pasture right by out group. I managed to snap a few images as they thundered over the hill.

Prairie coneflowers (Ratibida columnifera) at Maymont - Nature Conservany of Canada property


Foxtail barley and aspen tree trunks at Maymont (Nature Conservany of Canada property)


Sedges and fox-tail barley at Maymont (Nature Conservany of Canada property)


Herd of longhorn cattle at Maymont (Nature Conservany of Canada property)


  1. Branimir,

    These are wonderful images, which on their own, are pleasing to the eye, and in general, nice to look at.
    By adding the written narrative, you have added considerable “value” to each image, a value that they did not have when considered on their own. They have now become part of a cohesive set which tells us more of the story you wanted to convey to the viewer. Neither the text nor the images on their own would have been able to accomplish this with any adequacy. The images have become more alive to me and have more meaning.

    I wish you could pass this lesson on to other photographers. As it is, your approach gives you an edge and will hopefully help you to generate more interest in you, your images and perhaps even translate into increased sales of images.

    • Thank you Reg for kind words