Nature photo walk in downtown Saskatoon

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Last weekend I led a nature photography field trip as part of the 2014 Jane’s Walk in Saskatoon. In spite of the cold and breezy weather, an enthusiastic crow of about 20 people joined me for a photo walk along the Meewasin Trail in downtown Saskatoon.

We captured the intricate details of budding trees, patterns & shapes in vegetation not yet hidden behind the leaf cover, and enjoyed the view of Saskatoon skyline across the South Saskatchewan River. Here are a few images captured during the photo walk. Many thanks to everyone for supporting the event, and to my friend Ian Preston who documented some of the social aspects of the photo walk.

I will be leading a similar photo walk in a natural area on the outskirts of Saskatoon during the Wild about Saskatoon NatureCity Festival at the end of May. Join us for a nature walk & photography at Northeast Swale on Sunday, May 25, 2014 at 4 pm. More details are listed on the Festival Events page.

Update – I received a lengthy feedback from one of the photo walk participants and decided to post a portion of it here (with permission):

“Branimir … You provided knowledge & experience( yours & enhancing that of the participants) on a chilly Sunday morning. Your advice, demonstration and good humour was appreciated by the participants who were very enthusiastic about their morning learning experience. All the photos of the walk itself show a group of people smiling but obviously intent on learning! Thank you so much!”


Detail of South Saskatchewan River bank in spring, Saskatoon


Detail of a river sandbar, Saskatoon


2014 jane's Wallk in Saskatoon - nature photo walk

Photo by Ian Preston


2014 Jane's Wallk in Saskatoon - nature photo walk

Photo by Ian Preston


Detail of an aspen tree trunk, Saskatoon


Downtown Saskatoon with South Saskatchewan River


  1. I find it interesting, but good, that you were the only photographer who chose to use a tripod, especially given the lighting conditions. I hope you were able to use people’s lack of a tripod, as a point of education for them. I never cease to be amazed at how frequently I am the only photographer who is sing a tripod, when I am out.

    Good on you, being the group leader, in showing the best way to good results. It is obviously why you ‘are’ the leader.


    • Hi Reg

      Thank you for the feedback. Sorry for a delay in posting your comment – there is an error in the e-mail address you used so the comment did not get through automatically.

      Jane’s Walk was supposed to be a casual event; I was just happy that so many people showed up. I did not want to bother anyone with technicalities. Tripod or no tripod, it was important to get the group outside (on a rather cold and windy day), interact and look at our city with new eyes.

  2. Thanks for your time on a chilly Sunday morning Branimir. Always nice to get out and get a few shots. There is so much to be learned by going out with other photographers and getting a look at how they see the world through their lens.

    • Hello Mike. Thank you for joining the group on Sunday. I enjoyed the company of fellow photographers and hope to take part in a similar walk next year.