Nature in the City – a photo journey to explore the Urban Nature

Posted by on 31. March 2013 in Blog / Journal, Photography | 2 comments

In May of this year I will be giving a public presentation on the topic of  “Nature in the City”. This talk is part of the week-long festival Wild About Saskatoon, to celebrate nature and culture in the City of Saskatoon.

Here are the first few images from a photographic journey to uncover and, hopefully, better understand how we as urban dwellers connect with elements of nature in the city. Urban Nature is more than just remnants of wild nature that is surviving within the city limits after humans took over and modified the original environment to suit our needs. Urban Nature is all around us – an ornamental tree in the back alley, a planted flower in the raised garden bed. Urban Nature is part of Us, same as we are part of it.


Nature in the City - detail of a birch tree trunk and a building wall


Mountain ash tree branch with red berries


  1. Branimir,

    I’d like to attend this talk. When and where?

    • Hi Reg
      Just follow the link mentioned in the first sentence. There are actually two presentions: one on May 21 and the second one (shorter and a bit more informal) on May 28th. I will also give a 20-minute presentation at the NatureCity closing ceremony on Friday, May 31st at 7 pm. See the full schedule here:!festival/cewq