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Two of my images won “Best in the Category” prize in the 2014 School of Environment and Sustainability Photo Contest. Each year, SENS holds a photo contest to showcase the photography talents of school’s students and alumni. Category winners and the overall show winner are selected by popular vote.  I entered several images and won in two categories: Sustainable Community and The Urban Environmentt. Category winners and the overall winner are posted on the SENS Web site.

Besides bragging rights that my images are winning entries in the “international” photo contest (SENS students come from the United States, Mexico and many countries around the world), I also received as small financial award. My images will be displayed in SENS hallways at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.

Here are the two winning entries and a short description that accompanied the images during the vote.


Category winner: Sustainable Community


Ranch dog & cowboy boots, Wolverine PFRA community pasture.

‘Paws & boots’ at Wolverine PFRA community pasture, Lanigan

Community Pasture Program, administered by the Canada’s federal government was designed to assist small- and medium-sized mixed farm operations. Each fall, PFRA pasture managers work with hired riders to sort out cattle for delivery to patrons at the end of the grazing season. These cowboys are crucial in maintaining a proper management of the pastures, for the benefit of pasture users as well as plants and animals that rely on a healthy prairie ecosystem. In October of 2013 I visited the Wolverine PFRA pasture near Lanigan, Saskatchewan to document the cowboy life, part of our cultural heritage and tradition that has a crucial role in sustainable management of our grasslands.


Category winner: The Urban Environment


Saskatoon skyline reflecting in South Saskatchewan River

Saskatoon skyline reflecting in South Saskatchewan River

Saskatoon city skyline reflecting in South Saskatchewan River at dusk. This is a panorama composite image created from 3 separate frames. I took this picture to mark the 2012 World Rivers Day.


P.S. You might be interested in seeing a few images from older posts celebrating the 2013 World Rivers Day and 2012 World Water Day.



  1. Congratulations Branimir. Your hard work pays off with some deserved recognition.

    • Thank you Reg. I think that the overall winning image has a much stronger emotional impact compared to my “technically flawless” images. Something to work on in the future.

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